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February 1st, 2010
07:57 pm


Post surgery
One of the few obstacles preventing me from writing up some news tidbits was the impending surgery to be performed inside my abdomen. Nothing serious, mind you. Just a quick fixup to something that was annoyingly out of place. The first day after felt like HORRIBLE KNIFE TWISTING PAIN, but I'm doing better now. Not well enough to walk normally without feeling like pulling my stitches, but s'alright.

Pretty soon my comics will be removed from the Keenspot server. The new sites are starting to get up and running; it's just the cosmetic stuff that needs to be finished.

This is how Accursed Dragon! looks now:

Not all the comics are up and I only just now started writing comic descriptions/changing file names. I'm showing you this, because it's an opportunity for you people to be all "FIRST!" in the comic comments. I'd prefer you actually wrote something besides "FIRST!", however. }:)

The blog will crossover on Funny Farm and Banished! when their Wordpress sites are functioning too, so this Livejournal will become obsolete.

Shoutboxes will also disappear. Comments can still be made under individual comics, but there's also the new forum:
If you post questions or what-not there, I promise I'll answer.

I made a Twitter account to:
Haven't done anything with it yet. Someday...

Now to play video games and watch cartoons, BECAUSE I'M RECOVERING FROM SURGERY! YAY!

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January 3rd, 2010
11:52 pm


There'll be an RSS feed, Twitter and oh so many other fancy do-dads!
As prophesied, among my presents from the holidays are Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands. A lot of my time has been playing those two. A LOT. Perhaps when the new site is made I'll have my Wii, Xbox360, Steam, etc. tags listed so people can play with...

I really did want to use my New Years weekend to get the new site started and begin uploading to the new server...except I still have no new server. The place I applied to still haven't finished processing my papers, due to the holidays. SOON, however! I hope! Time is running short.

In case you missed it, I'm moving servers due to Keenspot's new (I'm sick of typing "new) business plan that's not exactly agreeable to many cartoonists. My Laptop and Ferret comic sums up my feelings nicely: http://laptopandferret.keenspot.com/d/20091223.html

Once my place on the new server is assured, I'll begin following the many tutorials for Comicpress and commence with the new site layout.

Accursed Dragon news:
With all the books gone, I am without merchandise. It'll be kinda' awkward sitting at a convention table with nothing to sell. Plans may be made to print new books featuring twice the content, so that people who bought the previous books won't feel gypped. I'd like to spend the extra dough on something nice, such as hardcovers, but we'll see. I don't feel like creating a whole new book page by page again, so it all depends on when I'm motivated.

I need to hire an intern to do stuff like that for me.

Funny Farm news:
Funny Farm is going to move to a new server too, but no one really cares. To be honest, FF is a relic of the past (like many other webcomics) that only continues to exist because it still entertains me. I could probably write a whole essay about how the webcomic genre has entered a new stage of evolution. Webcomics 2.0, if you want to get all internet about it. FF is SOOOO v1.0.
Maybe some day. I'm not much for blogging.

Incidentally, I hope Boe hasn't lost more clothing after falling through the floor. :p

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December 22nd, 2009
04:53 pm


Other people are talking about it, so I might as well too
You can read the hullabaloo here:

Essentially I'll be leaving Keenspot pretty soon and moving AD!, FF and whatever else I wish to a new server. It'll be fun and exciting and full of glitchy pages being made from Comicpress! ;D

An alert when the move will be made as it happens, possibly the beginning of January.

Keep watchin' the news!

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December 15th, 2009
11:54 pm


No one tells me anythin'
While at San Diego Comic-Con, the creator of Dreamland Chronicles came by and asked a variety of us to make sketches for an auction. I assumed it was something for the convention and quickly doodled him Coven.

(I always feel bad doing stuff like that, because I very much doubt people will spend money on my material.)

I just found out now by accident that my sketch, along with a truck load of other sketches, are up for auction:

It's for charity and all, but I'm mostly interested in more bids because of my ridiculously competitive nature. ;D

You should check out Dreamland Chronicles too:
99% of the time I can't stand the appearance of CGI comics, except these guys go the extra mile to create a series that looks like it leaped off a movie screen! Very pretty to read. I heard on a podcast that it's quite possibly the most expensive comic to create too...

Accursed Dragon news:
Just a reminder that there will be no new comics next week...followed by MORE no new comics the week after that. Hurray for national holidays! :D
There's no horrible cliffhangers to worry about, so the wait should be tolerable.

Funny Farm news:
Since it's near the end of the year, time to start rearranging the archives to accommodate the new comics. I'll group the Prequel, Flink's Hot Date, and whatever else together so they're not spaced apart so awkwardly. That means there may be some choppy updates here and there, but things will work out in the end. You be sure to alert me if it doesn't!

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December 12th, 2009
12:04 am


Coldest Vacation Ever
Work is nice n' busy, there's a variety of festive parties to attend and then all the Christmas presents have to be wrapped and family visited. Is it any wonder I want time off for Christmas and New Years in order to fit sleep in?

(Plus I have it on good authority I'll be getting Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands this holiday and having time available to play them would be nifty!)

Earlier I was debating whether to take the Christmas week, or New Years week off, but if you haven't guessed yet I'm taking both. If I don't get my two weeks off I swear I'll go on strike, freeze my hands in the sub Celsius-like weather and then you get NO comics. You'll have to read...Goblins, or El Goonish Shive. If I REALLY hate you, it'll be Sheldon.

ha ha! Anyway, AD! comics continue this week, stop for 2 weeks and start again January...4th, is it? The first Monday of 2010? Just keep checking everyday to play it safe.

Accursed Dragon news:
I actually have only one AD! book left, except I haven't received the money in the mail yet. If I don't sell that last AD! book by the new year...tough! I'm going to keep the thing and use it for something else. I'll keep it by the toilet for guests. Maybe a gift for Mother's Day. If you're all "Oh! Now I want one for MY bathroom or mother", tough! It's mine now (assuming this is 2010 when you read this).

BTW, Coven only lost some of his clothes maybe 3, or 4 times in more than a year. That doesn't seem unreasonable. I mean, Rawn was buck naked for more than one comic.

Funny Farm news:
Of course people go all bonkers about Coven losing his clothes, meanwhile the new Boe storyline entitled "Boe Loses All His Clothes" gets nothing.

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November 9th, 2009
12:25 pm


Crucial info I forgot to mention
Of course I'd forget the most important part of the AD! books.
They're $12 (postage included). Pay by paypal or through mail.

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12:10 am


Be the proud owner of one of the last seven AD! books EVAR!
Perhaps they won't be the LAST last AD! books ever made available, but more ain't gonna' be printed out any time soon. They're in my house right now (leftovers from Central Canada Comic-Con), so I'll mail them out to the seven who send me an email.


Don't go using some other method of contacting me for them, please.
As an added bonus, I'll sketch whatever request you wish. If you wish for some pretty risky subject material, be warned! I'll edit the request into something more appropriate/in continuity with the comic and you might not like it. ;D

Accursed Dragon! news:
Holidays are coming and I imagine there'll be another week off vacation for the strip. Thing is I plan on being away on Christmas and New Years. I'm still deciding which of those weeks will be stripless. You'll know plenty of time in advance.

Funny Farm news:
A lot of introductions are about to take place with characters whose influence carry on to the very end of FF. It's touching in a way...
People seem unfamiliar with what "jorts" are, but they'll all become aware soon enough as one of the weirdest FF stories ever starts Friday.
Actually, since jorts appeared in last Friday's comic, the story technically started then. It was merely to ween you onto the whole jorts idea.

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